конор макгрегор документальный фильм на русском языке

News 5/ ВТОРАЯ Пресс конференция боя Конор Макгрегор против Флойда Мейвезера (НА РУССКОМ)

Полное видео. Вторая Пресс конференции боя Конор Макгрегор против Флойда Мейвезера (НА РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ) ALL TRASH TAKING Mayweather emerged through the crowd soon after with his entourage, but one Irish fan scored an early point for their man by throwing an Irish flag at the boxing champ. The two faced off on stage and adopted different approaches. McGregor was playful, talking and moving. Mayweather stayed still and stony-faced as the mind games began. Unfortunately this was a boxing press conference, so unlike UFC events where president Dana White immediately asks for questions, we were forced to wait for the suits to make long-winded statements. Fittingly, they were booed. But the crowd exploded as White introduced McGregor — and the two division champ immediately targeted Mayweather’s dress sense. He’s in a f***ing tracksuit, McGregor said. “He can’t even afford a suit anymore.” Mayweather wasn’t the only one who may have regretted their wardrobe choice. TV presenter Karyn Bryant was caught out when the live feed of the press conference Fox was carrying suddenly cut out. face to face press july 11 money vs conor Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will share a stage for the first time ahead of next month's £500million mega-fight when they meet for a press conference in Los Angeles this evening. The undefeated American and the UFC star will lock horns in the boxing ring on August 26, but before their Las Vegas date of destiny comes around, there is plenty of hype to be built up. Tonight's event at the Staples Center is the first of a four-city whistle stop tour, which sees the pair undergo promotional duties in LA, Toronto and New York and finally Wembley Arena, when the pair touch down in London on Friday. This first meeting between the two fast-talking rivals is bound to be spiky, so stay tuned for all of the action between the pair right here.full press 11 12 july флойд мейвезер конор макгрегор пресс конференция трешток dirt trashtalk Conor Mcgregor Vs Flyod Mayweather Trash Talk In Press Conference Conor Mcgregor TRASH TALKS Floyd Mayweather FACE TO FACE 2017

конор макгрегор документальный фильм на русском языке

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