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Okean Elzy - Not Your War [English Subtitles] / Океан Эльзы - Не Твоя Война (английские субтитры)

Okean Elzy is the most successful of the Ukrainian rock bands. This is their just-released controversial single. The statement released by the band itself says the following: "For centuries, Ukrainians have been brainwashed with foreign ideas*, forced to act in foreign interests and fight someone else's wars. Now we have to, finally, take responsibility for our actions and take charge." ======= My take on their statement is as follows: Okean Elzy eagerly supported the recent EuroMaidan revolution, but regime change merely put a different oligarch on the throne and did immense damage to the country. Their newest single "Not Your War" shows the growing disillusionment with the path Ukraine took (How many more be taken now... Of our kids, by not our war?) and realization that they were wrong (Mommy, false gods we were praying to!). In a sense, the same song could be applied to any nation caught in a foreign geopolitical conflict - it would work just as well in Vietnam, Germany, or Korea, where countries were prevented from re-unification by foreign meddling, or Afganistan, where Osama Bin Laden's Arab mercenaries fought Soviet troops and Afgani communists, or a dozen places in the Middle East, where foreign meddling turned stable countries into war-torn hellholes. I'd guess Lybian rebels, whose revolution took them from being the most developed country in Africa (by HDI) to one of the worst, would sing "False gods we were praying to!" just as readily. Океан Эльзы - Не Твоя Война (английские субтитры) Океан Ельзи - Не твоя війна Check out my main channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLpcwqpYPkzqzjgp9_ovpTw

на войне войне английском

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