смотреть звездные войны 2 hd

Star War The Third Gathers: Backstroke of the West (HD w/ Subtitles)

A humorous take on the last of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, translated from English, to Chinese, and back to English. Based on a DVD bootleg copy of RotS bought by a tourist in China, who then posted several images of the strange translations. Years later, a team of people decided to completely redub RotS using the dialogue from these subtitles, the end result is what you see here. Using a Blu-ray copy of the film, this is the ultimate way to enjoy the ultimate Pacific Rim film partnership. I have added both the original subtitles as well as the English subtitles if you wish to compare the translated dialogue to George's original.

смотреть звездные войны 2 hd

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